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Project spotlight - Smart Residential

Vicentiu Vlad

October 18, 2022

Image of article Project spotlight - Smart Residential

Sustainability first! This is one of the fundamental principles guiding our selection of projects proposed on the platform.

This is why we immediately resonated with Valentin Ivana, managing partner, at K2 Development, who before building his first residential project clearly established within the company the mission, vision and values that guide him in building projects.

I believe that the main component that determines the success of a project is determined by the people running the business, to a much greater extent than external variables.

Let's see why we strongly believe in K2 development projects:

K2 development

K2 development's mission is to create residential developments with a vibrant atmosphere and urban spaces that generate sustainable value for the communities they create.

Valentin succeeds in anticipating the desires and needs of future communities based on principles of sustainability, efficiency, safety and comfort. Values such as transparency, efficiency, community building, sustainable architecture and adaptability are the basic pillars that guide the construction of projects, thus providing a high level of quality of urban life.

"We implemented the smart home system in the new project. We are also betting on alternative energy and are studying the possibility of installing heat pumps with photovoltaic panels on the next projects. These will become standard equipment in the coming years, like underfloor heating or smart home systems. Right now we're going with gas-fired power plants, but in future projects we're considering heat pumps. So far, we have focused on materials that insulate homes as well as possible for low energy consumption" Valentin told to ZF Invest.

Smart Residential Project

This crowdfunding campaign proposes to finance up to €50,000 (in the first phase) for the development of the Smart Residential project located in Otopeni, Strada 1 Mai, consisting of 9 houses, with modern facilities and amenities, a private residential complex with its own infrastructure, connected to all utilities, with a green area and a playground of about 450 sqm.

Each house has its own generous garden and two parking spaces in front of the house.



Market Analysis by Marius Grigorica

The demand for houses near Bucharest has increased significantly especially in recent years, after the beginning of the epidemic and the trend of working remotely. The demand comes mainly from young families, with children, with average incomes and who want to benefit from their own garden on the land, but also to have easy access to the city centre and its advantages. As a result of the increased demand, the market has become quite buoyant. We present in the following table details of some potentially competing Smart developments in the Otopeni area.

Proiecte concurente.png

In contrast to the projects mentioned above, Smart benefits from the following competitive advantages:

  • more compact areas and therefore lower prices (approximately €125,000 selling price/unit);
  • falls within the €130,000 threshold up to which 5% VAT can be applied. Above this threshold, from 2023 VAT of 19% will apply, which implies a significant price increase for competing projects, making them harder to sell;
  • higher quality finishes;
  • parking spaces included in the price;
  • green space and children's playground of 450 sqm for residents.

Learn more about the Smart residential project by clicking here and start investing now!

Real EstateSmart Residenzial



1-3 Lacul Tei Blvd, 020371 Bucharest, Romania


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