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    Smart Rezidential

  • Earn90 / year

Type of property
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Strada 1 Mai, Otopeni
Loan duration 
12 months
Funding target 
€ 100 000
Rate of return 
9 % / year
Real estate mortgage

€ 63 800 committed

63.80% reserved


Executive summary

Smart Rezidential is located in the vibrant Otopeni community; the residential project offers 9 modern townhouses with cutting-edge amenities and eco-friendly features. Owners can enjoy access to all utilities, a private green space, and a 450 sqm playground, all within a secure and self-sustaining compound. Each home features a private backyard, two parking spots, and is designed with the environment in mind.

Investors have the opportunity to finance the construction of this project through a senior construction loan with a duration of 12 months. The loan will be reimbursed in two tranches:

  • 4.5% interest after 6 months
  • 4.5% interest + 100% principal after 12 months

The Project

Smart Rezidential is a new residential project consisting of 9 townhouses, situated on a plot of land with a total area of 2,066 sqm. The project will be comprised of 3 separate buildings, each with 3 townhouses, and a height regime of GF+1.

The 9 townhouses will offer a total built area of 945 sqm, with a footprint of 472.50 sqm. Each townhouse will have a usable area of 85 sqm, and will feature 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The houses will also include a 17 sqm storage area, and a total built area of 118 sqm, with a footprint of 59 sqm.

In terms of finishing, the project will incorporate a central heating unit from Ariston, with a 24 KW capacity. Floor heating will also be included, and the quality tiles and premium parquet will be sourced from Delta Studio. The bathrooms will feature sanitary items from Delta Studio, and the electrical plugs and switchers will be provided by Gewiss.

With sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront, Smart Rezidential implements best practices in the advanced real estate market. The project includes features such as a private green area for residents, as well as a playground, providing a safe and secure environment for families. The use of premium, eco-friendly materials and advanced heating systems will also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the project, while also ensuring comfort and luxury for residents.

Developer Information

K2 Development is a reputable real estate developer with a proven track record in delivering high-quality residential projects. With a background in business administration, Valentin Ivana leads the company with a focus on excellence and innovation. The company's previous projects include Bonavita Rezidential 1 & 2 and the successful pilot project, Ciprian Porumbescu 19.

These projects have solidified K2 Development's reputation as a leader in the industry and a reliable partner for investing in residential real estate. The company's focus on sustainability and eco-friendly features, combined with its commitment to excellence, makes K2 Development a trusted choice for real estate investments.


The demand for houses in the outskirts of Bucharest significantly raised in the recent years, especially after the pandemic debut and it was boosted by the remote work trend.

The demand comes mainly from young professionals families, generally with children, with medium income, willing to benefits from a private backyard, but also to benefit from easy access to the city center and the facilities the city offers.

Further to a high demand for houses, the offer responded with plenty of projects. Please see the table below, presenting details in relation to some developments which potentially compete with Smart Rezidential in Otopeni area.

Smart Rezidential benefits from several competitive advantages compared to some developments which potentially compete in Otopeni area:

  • More compact and optimized areas and consequently more affordable prices of Smart houses (approx. €120,000 listing price / unit);
  • The sales of Smart units qualify for 5% VAT;
  • Smart benefits from higher quality of finishing and technical specifications;
  • Smart offers 2 outdoor parking places included in the price;
  • Smart benefits from a private green area for its residents and a playground of 450 sqm.
The project owner declares that, to the best of its knowledge, no information has been omitted or is materially misleading or inaccurate. The project owner is responsible for the preparation of this key investment information sheet.



1-3 Lacul Tei Blvd, 020371 Bucharest, Romania


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