The Lake Home

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Type of property
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Loan duration 
24 months
Rate of return 
12 % / year
Minimum ticket 
€ 10
Time left 
41 days

Executiv summary

You have the opportunity to invest in the early stage of The Lake Home, a residential premium apartments project by financing the construction of this project through a senior construction loan with a duration of 24 months.

The Project

The Lake Home is located right next to Binder's Lake, an area specially selected to provide easy access to various sports activities, recreational areas, cultural and commercial spaces.

The new Regional Hospital will be completed nearby and the Old City Center is about 10 minutes away by car. The complex is defined by its tenants, people looking for an exclusive place, but at the same time quiet, easily accessible and very well positioned in relation to the "energy centers" of the city.

The Lake Home is the only large-scale neighborhood in Sibiu located next to a lake, with a recreation area and water sports, and the project also includes approx. 20,000 m2 of parks with playgrounds and restaurants. All the buildings have paved road access, thus eliminating any potential inconvenience.

This Premium project goes beyond expectations, for your delightment, amazes with an original framework approach and architectural design, and takes its industrial inserts, assumed in modernism, to a completely different level.

Comfort doesn't have to be an extra option. The Lake Home residential complex is the place where comfort is the basis of the contract between you and us. We guarantee your satisfaction and the uniqueness of this place. We treat you with great respect, we provide you with the best specialists to provide security, sanitation and maintenance services for all green spaces, including planters, and at the same time, we can provide you with various other benefits, according to your requirements.

The residents will soon have at their disposal, in addition to their own apartments, elaborated and rigorously built, three restaurants, a cafe, gym, swimming pool, a spa center, and also an aparthotel. The Lake Home is an audacious dream that came true thanks to great passion; passion for aesthetics, sustainability, for architecture and top design. As we like to say, we bundle safety, trust and special neighbors.


The location of the project - Tractorului street - is unique due to the Binder lake, the proximity to the future Regional Hospital, the Calea Șurii Mici - Kogălniceanu passage, which provides quick access to the A1 highway, as well as relaxation areas, but also due to the potential for transformation into - a "mixed use" type area, a place that will become a recreational hub for the people of Sibiu in the coming years.

The Old Historic Center of Sibiu, one of the most spectacular historical areas of Romania, is only 1.7 km from the project’s location.


NOVARION SA is a visionary real estate development company dedicated to creating exceptional projects that embody the aspirations and dreams of its clients. With a keen focus on innovation, the company strives to make those dreams a reality by combining state-of-the-art technology with top-tier expertise.

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The NOVARION team is composed of skilled architects, designers, and specialized installation companies, all collaborating to bring each project to life. Their engineers are highly experienced, ensuring that every development is executed and delivered to the highest standards, in line with client requirements and expectations.

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Some of NOVARION's most notable projects showcase their ability to transform dreams into reality, contributing to the company's growing reputation as a leader in innovative real estate development.

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