Innovation and Impact – Reflections from reConstruct 2024 with Vicențiu Vlad

Vicentiu Vlad

Jun 12, 2024

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Real estate is rapidly transforming through the adoption of technological innovations, and reConstruct 2024 was the perfect stage to explore these changes. This prestigious real estate innovation summit, recently hosted in the vibrant city of Bucharest, brought together top specialists, from developers and investors to entrepreneurs and technologists. The central theme of the event was the advanced integration of technology into all aspects of real estate, from AI in urban design to blockchain and the automation of property transactions.

Influence and Perspective of Vicențiu Vlad:

One of the prominent speakers at the conference was Vicențiu Vlad, CEO and co-founder of, who captivated the audience with his vision on the technological integration in the real estate industry. Emphasizing a “wake-up period” in technological adoption, Vicențiu argued that for real estate, technology has moved from a secondary role to a central element necessary for innovation and efficiency.

Revolutionizing the Industry through Crowdlending:

Vicențiu’s speech detailed the benefits of the crowdlending models offered by, which not only facilitate access to capital for real estate developers but also democratize the investment process. The platform allows investors of all sizes to participate in projects with considerably higher than average returns, starting with accessible amounts. This model supports not only financial flexibility but also economic growth through the multiplication of possible real estate projects.

Cultivating Strategic Partnerships:

A significant point of the presentation was the discussion on how the openness of market leaders to collaborations with innovative entities like can transform the traditional real estate industry. Vicențiu illustrated how partnerships with startups can extend the visibility of both parties and effectively test alternative financial solutions. These collaborations are essential for long-term adaptability and continued success in a changing market.

Expansion and Future Vision:

Looking to the future, has ambitious growth plans. Vicențiu announced the company's goals of exceeding the threshold of 1 million euros in transactions and launching fractional ownership services. These initiatives are the response to a growing demand for more accessible and diversified real estate investments. Moreover, the company is preparing to expand its operations into European markets, benefiting from favorable crowdfunding regulations.

Participating in reConstruct 2024 was not only an opportunity to share knowledge but also a moment to reinforce the fact that the future of real estate is defined by technology. In an era of innovation and rapid change, we are proud to be at the forefront of these transformations, pushing the limits of what is possible in real estate through technology and collaboration.

You can find the entire conference here

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