Project Spotlight - Grand Chalet Poiana Brasov

Vicentiu Vlad

October 11, 2022

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What led us to accept Grand Chalet on the platform?

Grand Chalet Poiana Brasov is the first project proposed on the platform, and not by chance. We chose this project as a pilot because the evaluation process showed it to be a great investment opportunity.

Grand Chalet Poiana Brasov is a premium complex consisting of 7 villas on a 9,091 m² plot with an architecture specific to the mountain area, each villa with 14 holiday apartments, totaling 98 2-bedroom units, located just minutes away from the ski slopes of Poiana Brasov. investors have the opportunity to contribute to finance the development with a total amount up to 200,000 euros, divided into 4 tranches, in accordance with the progress of the construction works and the evolution of the pre-purchase agreements.

The project is planned to be completed by December 2023. The first two buildings will be completed by the end of 2022, buildings 3 and 4 by mid 2023 and the last 3 in December 2023.

Why Grand Chalet Poiana Brasov?

1. Location

The major advantage of Grand Chalet is its location minutes away from Poiana Brasov, the most important ski resort in Romania, which has the most extensive ski area in the country and modern cable transport facilities (two cable cars, a gondola lift and multiple chairlift and ski lift installations).

Grand Chalet enjoys close proximity to the Stâna Turistică restaurant and access to the old road that connects Brasov to Poiana Brasov and allows for hiking or cycling.

In addition, just 15 minutes away is Brasov International Airport, which is scheduled to open around the end of this year.

2. Sustainability

Grand Chalet is an eco-friendly project, in this sense the complex will include a park and a vegetated area that will represent over 55% of the land area, and parking spaces for electric cars will also be provided.

The abundant vegetation complements the low density of buildings in the development area, creating an ideal atmosphere for leisure. All building materials come from the local ecosystem.

3. Project quality

The design is conceived in harmony with the location of the complex and its architectural line, the aim being to create a unique feeling for tourists who will want to stay in Grand Chalet: refinement, comfort and relaxation - in a premium mountain resort, ideal for unforgettable holidays.

Each apartment is equipped with a Smart Control system, which provides room temperature, burglar and water control systems. The terraces offering a special view of the mountains or the forest, the exterior insulation made entirely of basalt wool and the underfloor heating are some of the elements that will provide added comfort to those who choose Grand Chalet as a destination for their mountain holidays.

4. 15% annual return

This level of return is high and difficult to achieve from other investment alternatives.

5. Solidity of the developer

The project is being developed by a team of two well-known and respected entrepreneurs in the Brasov business community.

Learn more about the Grand Chalet project by clicking here and start investing now!

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