Real Estate Investments in Touristic Units

Vicentiu Vlad

February 27, 2023

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Who remembers their childhood mountain vacations, the fun moments in the snow with friends? I think no one can forget the joy felt when winter came, with large snowflakes falling and covering everything in a fluffy layer, turning everything into a fairy tale realm that took your breath away for a second. Everyone was looking forward to making snowballs, sledding, skiing, hiking, or other winter activities.

Unfortunately, as the years passed, daily worries took over, time was no longer our friend, and winter vacations and the relaxation of the past became more and more expensive. Nevertheless, it is good to take a break from our daily rush and enjoy what surrounds us.

Combining Business with Pleasure

For this reason, we come to your aid and present an exclusive mountain resort that has access to both the numerous ski slopes in Poiana, as well as to the nightlife of the city of Brasov. Among the tourist attractions in the area worth visiting for all age groups are Solomon's Rocks, the cable cars in Poiana Brasov, the Postavaru Massif, Tâmpa, the Black Church, and more.

GRAND CHALET - the new exclusive complex with premium apartments in Poiana Brasov

Grand Chalet is a unique and innovative project that combines durability, luxury, and modern design. If we were to describe the entire project in one word, we would certainly attribute it to refinement.

We can assure you that it has a solid brick construction, with external insulation made of basaltic wool, underfloor heating, and laminated wood interior doors.

It is located in Poiana Mică, Vânătorului Street, no. 2, and comprises a well-thought-out complex of 7 villas with 98 luxury apartments.

A Suitable Investment for Aparthotel Rental

The apartment complex is not only addressed to people who want to retreat to a mountain oasis of peace but also to tourists who want to visit the mountain resort and want a stay that meets high standards of comfort. managed to enter the behind-the-scenes of selling these properties, and as a result, we present you an apartment dedicated exclusively to a restricted circle of investors under the so-called new concept of Fractional Ownership.

What is Fractional Ownership?

In essence, this apparent novelty has existed since the 20th century but has only recently taken shape under this name. We could say that the trend has existed forever, from the most ancient times when several wealthy people joined together and built a project from which they all had a share of the profit.

It is impossible for us to believe that groups of people do not form every day with the aim of collaborating to buy a service, whether it is a simple food order at work or valuable goods.

Returning to the present, this concept represents an accessible method for people with a fine sense of luxury who want to enjoy the benefits of valuable assets without having the responsibility of paying for the entire property. In other words, they can participate as co-owners in buying the property, which makes the concept of fractional ownership open to the public from all social categories.

€10,000 tickets to enjoy the luxury experience and make a profit

Through this move, we support the idea that buying an apartment does not require a full investment of €140,000, but rather tickets of €10,000 each.

In this situation, numerous select groups can join together, consisting of acquaintances, family, friends, or even strangers who share an affinity for real estate. Whatever the circumstances, each co-owner will have a well-established and guaranteed profit. ### Advantages

The advantages of the concept involve diversification and flexibility.

Investing in multiple properties will lead to a highly diverse investment portfolio. This fact could provide you with essential information to better understand the real estate market and subsequently create an investor identity.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it," supports ambitious and courageous young people who are always asking when the right time is, creating that moment for them through this new concept.

Additionally, with this investment method, you can include a wider range of units, such as family homes, vacation homes, apartments, commercial buildings, or even vacant land. Therefore, the acquired investment portfolio will become much more extensive, knowing a little about each real estate market.

However, we also thought about the flexibility of the investor, who may not want to lock up all their capital in one purchase, perhaps due to a lack of experience, skepticism, or simply their versatile character. Thus, this concept could suit them well.

Tangibly, the benefits of our proposed concept Investing €10,000 in a campaign ticket will bring profit in two forms, namely:

  • A 7.7% annual return from renting out the apartment on a hotel basis. Don't worry; you don't have to worry about this, a real estate management firm will take care of renting the premium vacation apartment, so each investor will passively receive their share.
  • A 35% capital gain in 5 years through the unit's appreciation. Over time, real estate investments have proven to be the best solution to combat the negative effects of inflation. As a result, investing funds will surely and guaranteedly bring a timeless material benefit. has enjoyed real success, developing an exclusive community through the Grand Chalet campaign, with luxury vacation apartments. Within a limited time frame, the interest and commitment of the public for this novelty were astonishing.

As a result, we decided to make the campaign for a limited number of only 14 tickets, of which 7 were reserved from the first moments when we unveiled it.

Be one of these investors and contact us now for more details. Without delay, we will put you on the waiting list for one of the 7 remaining tickets, and after analyzing your investor profile, we will contact you to finalize the transaction.

Grand ChaletPoiana Brasov

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