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Vicentiu Vlad

Jul 03, 2024

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The guarantee policy on is essential for ensuring investor safety and confidence by protecting investments, reducing risks, and providing an additional level of security.

Advantages of Guarantees:

  1. Risk Reduction: Guarantees minimize the risk associated with real estate investments, offering investors a safeguard in case the project does not progress as planned.
  2. Attraction of Quality Developers: Platforms that impose strict guarantees attract serious and competent developers, contributing to the success of the projects and the platform's reputation.
  3. Increased Investor Confidence: Investors are more inclined to invest in projects offering solid guarantees, knowing there are protective measures for their capital.

Guarantee Granting Procedure:

  1. Asset Evaluation: Real estate assets are assessed to determine their actual value and potential for recovery in case of default.
  2. Legal Verification: Legal documentation and property titles are checked to ensure the assets are free of encumbrances and can be used as collateral.
  3. Continuous Monitoring: Projects are monitored throughout their development to ensure compliance with timelines and specifications, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Types of Guarantees:

  1. Real Estate Guarantees: Most projects on are secured by real estate properties. This type of guarantee means that in the event of a developer's default, investors have a legal claim to the property or land associated with the project. Thus, investments are backed by tangible assets that can be liquidated to recover the invested capital.
  2. Financial Guarantees: Some projects may also include additional financial guarantees, such as bank deposits or guarantee letters issued by financial institutions. These guarantees add an extra layer of security, ensuring that funds will be recovered in the event of a project failure.
  3. Suretyship from Founders or an Affiliate Guarantor: Suretyship involves a guarantee commitment from the project's founders or an affiliated guarantor to ensure the return of the investment if the project fails to generate the expected revenues. This provides an additional level of security, assuring investors that funds will be recovered even in case of project failure.

Investment Protection and Fund Transfer:

  1. conducts detailed economic, financial, and accounting analyses of the companies proposing projects to investors. Each project's document section contains a Fact Sheet with essential investment information, ensuring total transparency.
  2. Fund transfers are conducted through MangoPay, an authorized electronic money issuer. The capital is deposited into a digital wallet, which the developer cannot access until the fundraising is completed.

Scenarios in Case of Loan Default:

  1. Project Without Guarantee: If a project lacks a guarantee, investors must take legal action against the developer to recover their investment. The loan contract serves as the basis for this claim, requiring evidence to be provided in court.
  2. Project With Guarantee: Guaranteed projects include specific terms detailed in the loan documents and contracts generated by the platform. In these projects, a guarantee agent manages the guarantees and is responsible for enforcing them on behalf of investors. This can involve seizing the developer's assets, taking legal action, or other necessary measures to recover the loan amount.

By implementing a strict guarantee policy, offers investors a secure and attractive investment environment, contributing to the success of projects and the continuous development of the platform.

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