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PediTel - "one call and the panic disappears". The only 24/7 free pediatric call center, callable from anywhere in the world.

A donation, made as a company or individual, a smile...

Help us provide quality pediatric care to as many children as possible across the country. With your support, through the services offered, we could reduce by more than 10% the total number of children who arrive, at a national level, in Emergency Reception Units. Any donation, small or large, helps us to continue and expand our activity .

Opting arguments for social crowdlending / sponsorships

Peditel's main arguments for which it turns to social crowdlending facilitated by vs another financing: • access to funds from several sponsors • increasing the community of supporters and/or the involvement & loyalty of the existing ones • it is a learning and growing experience

Rewards available to sponsors, those with tickets of at least 500 Eur

As a reward for sponsors (for those who contribute with an individual ticket of at least 500 Eur), PediTel offers some additional benefits to the classic ones of gratitude and thanks:

  • access to 1 Webinar of 60 minutes and 3 free materials, for tickets of at least 500 Eur
  • access to 3 Webinars of 60 minutes each, for tickets of at least 1,000 Eur These rewards are assignable and non-nominal

The idea of the Romanian Parents Foundation was launched in 2005, starting from the concept of a virtual information platform for young parents, so that the children will be the ones who will have support and healthy education, this site was suggestively called . In 2008, parents united around the Cluj Parents website initiated the anti-fast food movement, which turned into the anti-fast food law.

On October 20, 2009, the website became a non-profit organization, under the name Fundația Părinți Clujeni. On June 9, 2011, the Părinți Clujeni Foundation opens the Părinți Arădeni branch.

In April 2012, it changed its name to the Romanian Parents Foundation, practically becoming national and later international.

The mission of the Romanian Parents Foundation is to coagulate and catalyze the interests of all parents in Romania, interests related to a better life for their children and their families. Thus, the foundation will function as a support for the representation of these interests and will take into account the zonal specificity of their manifestation and the proposed solutions. Also, the Romanian Parents Foundation promotes the values that lead to a better life for families and children in Romania, such as responsibility, communication, personal involvement, work, the joy of living and respect for the people around us.

PediTel requires an immediate update of the IT server structure, these constitute, toghether with the dedicated doctors, the main operating elements of the Foundation. A investment budget of 52,000 Eur, consisting in IT equipment. Depending on the amounts raised and the Foundation's priority costs, it can be partially used from the sponsorships collected for working capital. The target amount is 25,000 Eur, but accepting maximum subscriptions for this project, of 50,000 Eur.

Up-to-date PediTel achievements, in the +10 years of non-stop activity:

• free pediatric telemedicine service, for medical advice that does not involve a vital risk for your child, accessible non-stop and with national and international addressability (+25 countries) • approximately 800,000 children helped for free, thanks to the support from sponsorships • sensational results: approx. 350 daily calls, approx. 6 minutes duration of each call, only 14% of the discussions end with the recommendation to attend the UPU or call 112 and the remaining 86% help to depressurize the state emergency system, degree of satisfaction of those parents helped by 9.75/max 10 • 36% of the assistance services originate from rural areas and half of them are from isolated rural localities, with hospitals more than 50 km away • the annual number of parents who called PediTel in the last 5 years: year_2019/66,000 parents; 2020/83,000; 2021/137,000; 2022/139,000; 2023/124,000 parents. • numerous awards and selections, we present the one from 2019 "Award for medical innovation. Maternopedia by SAMAS"

PediTel in the online

The Facebook page has over 91,000 active followers and 87,000 interactions/likes, with a rating of 4.6/max 5.0. The Google profile is also one with a rating of 4.5/max 5.0. Social profiles are available on all other relevant platforms.

The market - Competition:

The only real competitors, on the need served, are the limited funds and the difficult identification of doctors willing to get involved.

Key People and Background:

The key executives of the Parents Foundation from Romania are:

  • President: Mr. Chis Ioan Catalin -
  • Vice-President: Mr. Erik Barna -
  • Executive Director: Mrs. Cristina Grigore-

All of them benefit from a good reputation, not only on the Cluj market, both in the social and entrepreneurial fields.

An even more important "key" of the PediTel system are:

  • his doctors and physicians.

"Working with children is a blessing and a constant challenge. Regardless of the time, we are with parents when they need the most for their children. We reach the place where the doctor often does not reach (small towns, villages). We offer access to pertinent information and medical advice to avoid being in the emergency service, which is often overcrowded/overworked. You must have the ability to communicate with parents who are often alarmed, tired, angry. Access to information (some erroneous) generates panic for the mother and discomfort in the family. It takes calm, patience, empathy to help and calm the parents' fears. In many cases, the children can be cared forat home, by the parents, following our advice.We offer medical advice to parents to choose the best option for their children. It's not easy, but it's beautiful! At the end of duty, you have the greatest satisfaction when you know that you managed to help." Dr. Ileana Radu (8.5 years PEDITEL team)

"Peditel is a continuous challenge for me considering the diversity of the cases I encounter. I am proud to be part of this team and to be able to contribute to the good done for the children in the country, but also from abroad!" Dr. Pintican Monica (4.7 years PEDITEL team)

  • the parents who call them

"You are extraordinary! I called at 3 in the morning to ask for a medical opinion about some symptoms in the child. An extremely kind and very well-prepared lady doctor answered me. Thank you for existing!"

"Exceptional. I called today, 28.04, around 23:00. We were helped by a lady to whom I also thank here, public. She did more than just help me with a medical situation, she put me at ease with her calm, kind words and understanding. Compassion and empathy are so rare in these situations that I was wonderfully surprised. Thankyou again and I confidently recommend calling the Peditel line to any parent. We are human, we need support bothmedically and emotionally."

The Foundation declares that, to its knowledge, no information has been omitted and that it is not misleading or manifestly inaccurate. The foundation is responsible for preparing the sheet with essential information regarding the investment (see Documents).

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