SunRai Country Club III

  • Earn170 / year

Type of property
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Cheile Turzii - Jud. Cluj
Loan duration 
24 months
Interest rate 
17 % / year
Minimum ticket 
€ 100
Time left 
8 day(s)
Funding target 
€ 100 000
Minimum funding target 
€ 50 000
Maximum funding target 
€ 145 000
Real estate mortgage 
Loan to value 
28.78 %

49 investors invested € 31 011.93

31.01% funded

€ 100 000


SunRai's arguments for opting for crowdlending financing

SunRai's main arguments for which it turns to crowdlending facilitated by vs. a classic financing:

  • Creating a community.
  • Increasing visibility.
  • Speed of access to capital.

Rewards for investors, valid for investment vouchers starting from +1,000 Eur

Rewarding investors (for those who contribute with an individual ticket of at least 1,000 Euro), SunRai offers the following benefits (package = family with a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children), additional to the investment yield, correlated with the following minimum values of the ticket:

  1. For an investment ticket of at least 1,000 Eur, you will benefit from an "all inclusive" package of 1 night's accommodation / year and experiences, at the equestrian center "Taramul Familia 31 for children, SunCave Winery, SunTlantida swimming pool" in any among the SunRai locations in Sighetu Marmatiei, Cheile Turzii or Breb/Maramures. Estimated market value of the package 200 Eur.
  2. For an investment ticket of at least 5,000 Eur, you will benefit from a "city break" package of 2 nights "all inclusive" accommodation (at any time except Easter, Christmas, New Year's, December 1 or May 1), in any of the SunRai locations in Sighetu Marmatiei, Cheile Turzii or Breb/Maramures. Estimated market value of the package 400 Eur.
  3. For an investment ticket of at least 10,000 Eur, you will benefit from a 4-night "all inclusive" accommodation package (at any time and/or during Easter, Christmas, New Year's holidays), in any of the SunRai locations in Sighetu Marmatiei , Cheile Turzii or Breb/Maramures. Estimated market value of the package 1,000 Eur.

All of the above are conditioned by the availability of places, in the period you want. The vouchers are non-nominal, implicitly transferable. These are not limited to a maximum of 1 package/investor, more tickets, more rewards.

Project description

SunRai is not just a service provider, it is a tourism concept that has the role of positively impacting as many people as possible through education and culture. SunRai, behind the commercial objective, mandatory these and this level to ensure its continuity, is the place where instantly stepping on its threshold, you get the feeling of freedom, safety and connection with nature, all these disjointed elements found in the same place. The mission of the project is to preserve, promote and develop the authentic traditional Romanian space/folklore and to make known the specific Romanian customs, traditions and traditions. They also propose to redefine the experience of "living" in Maramuresan/old traditional oak houses. The animal farm, the joy of outdoor play, as childhood was "in the old days" are the essential components of the accessible concept within the SunRai project.

Having validated the concept, in the current location in Maramures / Breb, we want to scale through a unique tourist location, but resonating 100% with the concept of SoareDin&CuRa. The location of the location guards access to Cheile Turzii - Cluj. The validation of this first location, apart from the initial location in Maramures, would constitute the basis for the accelerated expansion, through franchising, of the concept, but keeping the DNA of unique elements to which the location and experience that customers would have access are based.

SunRai's vision: 10 "barns" under the sun, in the next 10 in Romania. The average capacity of the barn is 200 people, for weddings, baptisms or corporate events/microconcerts. An oversubscription of the campaign, without exceeding EUR 145,000 (equivalent to 65% of the market value of the purchased property and which will represent the guarantee of this financing), would allow the project to proceed easily. The campaign target is set at 100,000 Eur.

Location description

The location of SunRai Country Club ~ Cheile Turzii CJ Reserve is urban, semi-central. The property is located opposite the "departure" of the Tiroline from Cheile Turzii. The existing urban utility networks are: electricity, water. The property is located on the outskirts of Mihai Viteazu commune. The land outside the village has a rectangular shape of 8,700 sqm, frontage 31.76 m. It also includes a residential house "without D+P+M documents". The market value of the building, according to an updated ANEVAR report, is 222,800 Eur.

Market and competition

The market of providers of unique, classic and nature-based experiences is growing strongly, stimulated by high customer demand. The SunRai brand, once validated, started its national expansion through the initial regional focus on the Transylvania region of Romania. The 'start' location hosts several such concepts and going outside the 'domicile' would allow an additional validation of all active locations. Google rating +4.6x from +50 reviews. There are +90,000 SunRai mentions indexed in Google. Facebook: +7,500 followers and +7,000 likes. Under the eventual Google classification of "amusement parks" we have a limited offer and few with ratings over 4.5x.

Key people and experience

SunRai is a family business created and developed by Simona (32 years old) and Lucian (37 years old) Valea. Lucian is a member of Transylvania Angels Network (T.A.N) and Romanian Business Leaders, historically owning some companies from which he exited (KinetiX Clinic and Centrala de escalada). A team of +20 people are involved in the entire project, as employees and external collaborators.

The project developer declares that, to his knowledge, no information has been omitted and that it is not misleading or manifestly inaccurate. The project developer is responsible for preparing the key investment information sheet (see Documents).

STOCKESTATE CROWDFUNDING SRL is licensed under the number PJR28FSFPR/400002, since 29.08.2023. Find us in the register of crowdfunding service providers of the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA).


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