TreeHouse® - FoodTruck Line - Phase 2

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Type of property
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Loan duration 
24 months
Interest rate 
11.5 % / year
Minimum ticket 
€ 100
Time left 
10 days
Funding target 
€ 35 000
Minimum funding target 
€ 20 000
Maximum funding target 
€ 50 000

25 investors invested € 32 000

91.43% funded

€ 35 000


Main arguments in favor of crowdleding

Main arguments of TreeHouse for which it uses crowdlending facilitated by and not a classic financing: 1. Access to capital: Support from many investors 2. Speed: Rapid capital raising 3. Flexibility: Various options adapted to needs.

Perks available for the investment tichets above +1.000 Eur

As a perk for investors (for those who contribute with an individual ticket of at least 1,000 Euro), TreeHouse offers a package of two additional benefits to the yield and these are cumulative:

  • an invitation for two people to the Summer Party, TreeHouse & Friends Link:
  • a one-day escape at TreeHouse - a TreeHouse bungalow reserved for you for a day and a night.

The commercial value of the package is approximately 350 Euros. Only one such incentive/investor/campaign is granted.

Project Description:

TreeHouse obtains income from the organization of private events and/or weddings, the current annual recurring income exceeding +2.5M Ron/year. Following the renovation or expansion of the available space, they will increase.

It is desired to purchase one/some Food Truck-type food units, which would be used only within the TreeHouse locations, not during other events outside the location.

TreeHouse is now promoting Food Trucks Line by TreeHouse - a new initiative that will combine culinary delights with the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of event spaces. This solution comes in the natural complement of the services of TreeHouse partners who will continue to offer quality and professionalism within the events. Inspired by the desire to bring joy and efficient services, this concept promises to transform any small-scale event into a memorable experience.

Food Trucks Line by TreeHouse is a mobile extension of the current event space, offering a diverse range of delicious food and refreshing drinks, served directly from the heart of nature. Placed under the shade of trees and decorated with natural elements, these food trucks are more than a simple catering option - they would be a gastronomic oasis in the middle of nature. From light snacks and fresh sandwiches to gourmet dishes and decadent desserts, our menu is designed to satisfy all gastronomic preferences.

The full cost of such a unit (planning the location, purchase of a new caravan, equipment, decoration to fit into the environment, sanitary permits/etc, completion with additional elements of exterior decoration, registration, insurances, etc.) can reach according to the preliminary estimates at a maximum level of 40,000 Eur. From these amounts, a TreeHouse contribution of 5,000 Euros is taken into account.

An oversubscription of the campaign, but not exceeding 50,000 Eur, would allow the purchase of a total of two units (without increasing the costs, because a relevant part of the estimate is for exterior fittings and utilities, which would serve both caravans) or other adjacent investments that clearly aim to increase the quality of customer experience in TreeHouse locations.

The first phase of this campaign facilitated the financing of 60% of the maximum amount or 85% of the target amount.

Location Description:

TreeHouse® stands out as one of the pioneers and promoters of the outdoor wedding concept, where nature harmoniously blends with comfort. Active since 2009 and specializing in large-scale events since 2013, we have evolved organically from a beautifully landscaped courtyard, but lacking notable facilities, to four event locations, each equipped with built-in halls, generous green spaces, swimming pools and forest - all on an area exceeding 5 hectares.

We have a notable experience that includes the successful crossing of a crisis that greatly affected our field.

Although our core business is wedding events, we regularly host other types of events. We are approaching 1000 events, offering attractive solutions for all types of events and continuing to redefine the outdoor wedding experience through uniqueness and quality services. The annual revenues of TreeHouse® exceed 2,500,000 Lei, in the current service structure.

Market - Competition:

The wedding event market is in constant motion, and at TreeHouse we managed to anticipate and even influence the trends. Thus, if currently the number of events, at market level, is in relative decline after the post-pandemic boom (conf INS), but also a transition from large-scale to medium-sized events, we manage to counterbalance this trend through an increase in requests for outdoor events, compared to those in ballrooms. In all these situations, TreeHouse continuously found solutions that generated an occupancy rate of over 90% in the main season on its stars.

At the level of the growing direct competition, we keep our originality and uniqueness, maintaining ourselves in the top of the customers' preferences. The notoriety of the brand, as well as the services offered, have recently increased the number of requests generated by recommendations. We have a good online presence, with a visible footprint in social media; we communicate through all modern communication channels.

Rating +4.5x from +800 reviews. +5000 mentions indexed in Google. Facebook: +20,000 followers and likes. Like the 'generalist' competition, a Google search for 'wedding hall NW Bucharest with forest' & "with a minimum rating of 4.5x" results in less than 25 recommendations/competitors.

Key People and Experience:

TreeHouse is a family business created and developed by Ioana and Radu Gherasim, both economists by profession. With 100% involvement in the development and coordination of the business, Radu has an important experience in marketing, activating a significant period in digital marketing as well.

Alongside them in the TreeHouse team are colleagues whom they have known since college, but also colleagues with whom they have been working for more than 18 years. Also, in the technical team with a daily presence in the location, there are people from the very beginning of the TreeHouse business. In addition, through the creation of new roles, other colleagues have joined the team, both in the client

The project owner declares that, to the best of their knowledge, no information has been omitted or is materially misleading or inaccurate. The project owner is responsible for the preparation of this key investment information sheet (see Documents).

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